Booming E-commerce companies drive growths with Churned AI. 

25% more loyal customers after 1 year on average

10% higher AOV

20% higher AOF

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25% lower churn rate after 1 year on average

10% less time spend by CSM team on average

20% increase in engagement on average

Transform Your Data into Business Growth

As high-quality data science has become essential for all businesses, E-commerce companies today have an unprecedented opportunity to harness their data to improve customer experiences in every way possible. Therefore, more and more E-commerce companies are replacing rule-based personalization models with predictive models driven by machine learnings, which are precisely tailored to predict the experiences and the products that customers actually want.

360° Customer Insights

Customer segmentation insights

Track how your customers flow from “inactive” to “fans”. Help your customers move from  one segment to the other and turn Inactive customers into Fans.

Customer lifetime value

Our AI engine delivers live CLV predictions which help you understand and improve the CLV of your customers! 

Customer buying behavior 

Easily check and compare the order value, buying frequency and spending habits of your customers 

Churn rate

Get better insights into the loyalty of your customers by tracking their churn rate

Predictive intelligence

From insights to actions - We tell you exactly which client is likely to churn, when to approach this client, what to offer, and which contact channel to use.

Best & worst performing segments

Easily identify which hidden segments are predicted to perform well and which will need further attention

Optimized ROI

understand how different recommendations and campaigns will perform. Our AI engine gives you real-time predictions of the performance of each recommendation in terms of ROI.

Customers at risk

Which customer segments have a  high probability of not making a new purchase anymore and what are the main drivers for this churn risk?  

Next best action & Automation

Next best actions

Next best action: the Churned ‘Next Best’ engine uses AI to  maximize CLV by defining the best product, the best timing, the best channel and the best action (discount, loyalty, personalization).

Increase engagement

Churned's Next-Best approach uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to pinpoint the customer's unique needs, preference and context in a split second.  Turn first-time customers into happy and loyal fans.

Automate follow up 1:1

Personalization at scale. Our solution can be integrated with the most popular marketing automation systems so that Next Best Action recommendations can be instantly made operational.

Churned helps you grow by transforming data into actionable insights

  • Transform new customers into returning customers by following our customer-specific next-best-action recommendations.
  • Integrate Churned AI with your favorite marketing automation tools.
  • Automate next best actions: 1:1 personalization at scale.

Counted successes for our e-commerce customers


Lower churn


Higher AOV


Higher AOF

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“Because of Churned we’re able to build closer relationships with our clients.”

Together with Churned we’ve gained valuable insights into our customers and integrated those into marketing automation which resulted in a lower churn rate and in a higher customer lifetime value.

Boris Blijham