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Increase Retention and maximize revenue from existing customer base


Thuysvers is a Dutch online eCommerce store specializing in the delivery of high-quality, fresh and sustainable sourced products straight to your doorstep. With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Thuysvers offers a wide range of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, fish and other grocery essentials. They help people who can’t do groceries, deliver them fresh food that comes right to your doorstep.

Problem statement

Thuysvers has experienced significant growth in the food sector, but now faces the challenge of increasing customer retention and maximizing revenue from its existing customer base. The company needs to effectively engage its customers through personalized marketing strategies, ensuring that it remains their preferred choice for fresh, sustainable, and high-quality products delivered straight to their doorstep. To address this issue, Thuysvers must implement innovative and data-driven solutions to optimize their marketing efforts and enhance the overall customer experience.

“Reduce subscriber churn and identify segments.”

Retain existing subscribers while attracting new ones
Identify customers with different needs

Our strategy

To generate more turnover from existing customers through smart email marketing, Churned AI was employed to personalize and optimize Thuysvers' marketing efforts. Churned performed an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) segmentation on Thuysvers' customers to identify specific characteristics that would make their 'next best actions' more effective. For the RFM segments (Potential) Loyalists & Champions, which have significant order history, the AI engine was able to generate accurate product recommendations. The strategy applied was as follows: • ⅓ of customers received the regular newsletter • ⅔ of customers received the Churned product recommendation

The results

  • Deep insights at the customer and segment level: By analyzing the customer data and segmenting it effectively, Churned AI was able to better understand customer preferences and behavior.
  • Automated personalized email marketing: Utilizing the insights gained, Churned AI tailored email marketing to individual customers, ensuring they receive relevant and targeted content.
  • 32% higher conversion on emails: As a result of personalized email marketing, Thuysvers saw a 32% increase in email conversion rates.

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These experts worked on this case

Michiel Doornenbal

Founder & CEO

Our happy clients


Johan Arensman

“Fortunately, our customers are very loyal. Sometimes there is unavoidable churn, but sometimes the reasons are less clear and churn could possibly have been prevented. Churned helps answer this. Thank you for the impressive work. Your results and analysis are the tools to further improve our customer success in the coming year.''


Boris Blijham

''Together with Churned we’ve gained valuable insights into our customers and integrated those into marketing automation which resulted in a lower churn rate and in a higher customer lifetime value."


Pieter Duijs

"Thanks to the product recommendations of Churned, we achieved automated personalization that increased the average order frequency, average order value and more returning customers."

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