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30% reduction in churn after one year

1.4x happier customer reviews

50% lower spent on retention

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Various statistics relevant for B2C subscriptions.

30% reduction in churn after one year on average

1.4x happier customer reviews

50% lower spent on retention

Charity using Churned: WarchildB2C Subscription using Churned: Financieel DagbladB2C Subscription using Churned: ThuysversB2C Subscription using Churned: Bob AutowasB2C Subscription using Churned: De Koffie Jongens
Charity using Churned: Alzheimer Nederland

Implement, Automate and Optimize

This is the simple formula for our automated data-driven retention solution. With Churned, you can proactively mitigate customer churn, monitor your subscription growth, compare performances per segment and automate personalize retention strategies at scale.

Marketing automation based on next best actions predicted by AI.

Automated Marketing Decisions

No more manual selections and endless campaign building. Our integrations with  marketing automation systems enable fully automated marketing personalizations.

Next Best Offering

Churned predictive modelling recommends you the best offering to the target customers across different segments.

Next Best Timing

Churned tells you when to execute engagement with the customers to proactively prevent customers from cancelling subscriptions. Always take a step ahead of churn.

Next Best Channel

Wondering how to reach out to your customers? We will propose that channel that has the highest ROI on your contact.

Next Best Approach

Whether to offer a discount or a free month, Churned machine learning engine proposes the next best approach that will generate the highest ROI for you.

360° Customer Insights in a Single Dashboard

From insights to actions - We tell you exactly which client is likely to churn, when to approach this client, what to offer, and which contact channel to use.

Smart customer segmentations

Churned model tells you the best and worst performing segments, so your team can focus their daily efforts on the right tasks.

Churn rates and warning alerts

Keep track of customer churn rates in real-time. Get automated alerts when customers at risks are about to churn.

AI customer health scores

Churn lets you understand your customers better with AI-driven health scores.

All the right metrics in one place

Get a unified view of all relevant customer metrics at one place.

Statistical information provided by Churned AI. AB-test information, campaign impact and cohort analysis.

AI-driven Predictive Modelling Analytics

A/B tests

Each and every Churned recommended action is thoroughly A/B tested. Get an overview of the A/B test results on Churned dashboard so that you do not waste resources on ineffective campaigns.

Cohort analysis

Our retention cohort analysis measures how effective your retention strategy is. Detect the underlying factors behind customer churn.

CLV prediction and maximization

Acknowledge your customers' remaining CLV and optimize your retention strategy with actionable operations backed by machine learnings.

Churned helps you grow by transforming data into actionable insights

  • Use our state-of-the-art AI to find out which customers are at risk of churning.
  • Integrate Churned AI with your favourite marketing automation tools.
  • Automate next best actions: 1:1 personalizations at scale.

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“The easy-to-implement integrations and strong output has made our personalizations effortless.”

Thanks to the product recommendations of Churned, we achieved automated personalization that increased the average order frequency, average order value and more returning customers.

Pieter Duys, CEO ThuysversB2C Subscription using Churned: Thuysvers

Pieter Duys