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Starting at

Starting at

Starting at

1 Year
2 Years
Basic Dashboard, KPI's, customer risk at segment level

KPI Dashboard

Key CSM Metrics

Overall Health score

Value at risk

Segmentation dashboard with useful filters

Segment level risk scores and metrics

3 users (€25,- per extra user)


Starting at

Starting at

Starting at

1 Year
2 Years
Leveraging our state-of-the-art AI driven CS platform

Basic +

Estimate customer engagement (AI)

Identify customer at risk (AI)

Find the next best action (AI)

Identify drivers of customer risk (AI)

Predict Customer Lifetime-Value (AI)

Measure and predict customer sentiment (AI)

Emails and support ticket classification (NLP) (AI)

Risk alerts and valuable notifications

Integrate outcomes back into CRM

Design of workflows and automations

Dedicated CSM

5 users (€25,- per extra user)


Contact sales
No Discount

Contact sales
15% Discount

Contact sales
17.5% Discount

1 Year
2 Years
Our most powerful success platform to let your business thrive.

Pro +

Customer priority list and CSM action points (AI)

Comprehensive CSM strategy advice

Custom feature engineering for enhanced model performance (AI)

Priority support on tickets and requests

Dedicated Technical account manager

10 users (€25,- per extra user)

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