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Help customer success managers spend their time more effectively and ultimately reduce churn rate


Uptrends, a SaaS company founded in 2007, has offices in four locations – USA, Netherlands, Germany, and France, and customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company operates on the B2B market providing innovative synthetic monitoring (server and website) platform for over 30,000 users at companies of all sizes, helping their clients to stay on top of their entire online presence. Despite operating in a very competitive market, Uptrends has been honored with the number one spot on the Main Top 50 list in both 2019 and 2020.

Problem statement

Uptrends has undeniably achieved great success, but as one would expect, a booming company is continuously looking for ways to grow even faster. In the increasingly competitive and ever-changing business environment, organizations’ need for data innovations is more critical than ever. With the ambition in mind, Uptrends decided to partner with Churned to accelerate growth by reducing customer churn, increasing upsells, and improving customer service qualities. For the past two years, Churned has been working with Uptrends side by side to help the company optimize its customer retention strategy. Uptrends' goal was to get a better overview of customers and their health, better serve its customers using the existing database, help customer success spend their time more effectively, and, ultimately, reduce churn.

“Reduce subscriber churn and identify segments.”

Retain existing subscribers while attracting new ones
Identify customers with different needs

Our strategy

By integrating all available client and customer data into Churned AI engine, we provided the company with access to our platform, which is also internally called the ‘’customer manager cockpit’’. The platform gives each customer success manager the most relevant information he/she needs, along with key business insights and Calls to Action. Moreover, we also fed the results (churn predictions, warning flags, and churn drivers) to Mailchimp, automating various actions that reduce churn including personalizations. In addition to the customer success manager cockpit, the management team gets a better overview and more correct business insights. With Churned AI software, Uptrends uncovered the hidden factors that drove customer churn.

The results

  • Our product has helped Uptrends understand why clients are likely to churn, which clients have the highest probabilities of churn, and how to proactively engage with them to keep them.
  • A 20% lower churn rate than the previous year’s and predicted which clients would churn with an accuracy higher than 85%.
  • A 74% monetary reduction in churn loss compared to the previous year’s.

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These experts worked on this case

Michiel Doornenbal

Founder & CEO

Martijn Jansen

Full stack developer

Our happy clients


Johan Arensman

“Fortunately, our customers are very loyal. Sometimes there is unavoidable churn, but sometimes the reasons are less clear and churn could possibly have been prevented. Churned helps answer this. Thank you for the impressive work. Your results and analysis are the tools to further improve our customer success in the coming year.''


Boris Blijham

''Together with Churned we’ve gained valuable insights into our customers and integrated those into marketing automation which resulted in a lower churn rate and in a higher customer lifetime value."


Pieter Duijs

"Thanks to the product recommendations of Churned, we achieved automated personalization that increased the average order frequency, average order value and more returning customers."

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