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Take control over your customer base by leveraging the power of AI with Churned retention management software


What we can offer you

Most Customer Success and Retention management tools promise data-driven solutions. But in reality there exist a few dominant limitations. In most cases, "data-driven" actually means "rule-based" solutions built by "gut feelings". Churned gives you the opposite: A fully data-driven solution without limitations. The Churned AI Engine transforms your data into actionable retention strategies, CLV drivers, and upsell machines.

Churn predict & prevent

Proactively target customers across segments based on churn risk levels

Upsell and cross-sell accelerations

Sell more to satisfied customers with the right offerings

Next best action

Get personalized product and channel recommendations to minimize churn and maximize CLV

CLV prediction

Get full visibility into every customer's insights and determine your most valuable customer segments

What’s in it for your business

① 360-degree customer profile

Integrate all your customer data and obtain the ultimate customer insights. Churned unifies customer data across your data landscape and offers a clear overview of relevant data for each and every customer.

Unify all customer data from any tech stack
Understand risk levels, churn rates and usage trends of every customer
Accessible and structured data all in one place

② Full grip on upcoming risks and challenges

Fully understand and keep track of your customers' health scores with Churned customer overview insights. Execute the right engagement proactively with customers in poor health, and maximize growth opportunities with the healthiest customers.

Machine learning-based health scores, key churn drivers and next best actions
Automated alerts when a customer is at risk or an opportunity arises
Easy-to-understand results based on customer segments

③ Measure your impact

Prioritize your daily efforts to focus on engaging with customers at risk utilizing real-time customer insights. Take a proactive approach to fight churn by uncovering the best and worst performing segments.

Keep track of the engagement level of your customers at all times
Detect underlying churn risk factors for each of your customers
Identify which actions you should take to prevent a customer from churning

④ Speed up your growth

Actionable personalized retention actions made scalable. Churned machine learning model enables you to provide the right product to targeted customers through the right channel, and at the right time.

Automated next best product offerings
Personalized customer contact channels
Accelerate upsells

The application

Churned offers endless possibilities to help you minimize churn and maximize upsells

A few possibilities

Limitless and seamless IT system integrations
360-degree customer profile insights
Churn & CLV prediction and insights
Key churn drivers, churn risk levels and AI health scores
Risk and opportunity alerts
Endless customer account segmentation

Three steps to success

Integrate IT Systems

Integrate all customer data from any tool across your tech stack in less than an hour

Run Predictions

Run your data through Churned AI engine to get fast and accurate predictions

Automated next best actions

Automate operations, optimize performances and scale phenomenal customer experiences

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Our happy clients


Johan Arensman

“Fortunately, our customers are very loyal. Sometimes there is unavoidable churn, but sometimes the reasons are less clear and churn could possibly have been prevented. Churned helps answer this. Thank you for the impressive work. Your results and analysis are the tools to further improve our customer success in the coming year.''


Boris Blijham

''Together with Churned we’ve gained valuable insights into our customers and integrated those into marketing automation which resulted in a lower churn rate and in a higher customer lifetime value."


Pieter Duijs

"Thanks to the product recommendations of Churned, we achieved automated personalization that increased the average order frequency, average order value and more returning customers."

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