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Life at Churned

Our story

In 2019, a data science professor, Francisco Blasques, together with his former Master student, Michiel Doornenbal, and Maarten Doornenbal decided to start Churned in Amsterdam. The mission was to make churn prevention accurate, accessible and without limitations.

Together with a team of like-minded talents, Churned was able to create a software that harnesses the true value of advanced data science technology to bridge the gap between machine learning and actionable business operations.

We aim to offer companies the opportunities to develop new insights based on foresights. Churned is the ultimate AI predictive analytic solution that answers to the business challenge - How do we stop customers from leaving while getting new ones?

What’s Churned?

The Churned team consists of highly skilled data scientists, data engineers, software developers and managers. Together we have built Churned AI, a data-driven customer management and retention platform that helps SaaS, B2C & E-Commerce companies take full control over the customer base. Churned AI provides a set of tools for customer success managers, sales and marketing specialists to work seamlessly to operate systematic work on client retention, CLV and upsell accelerations.

AI is the core of everything we do. Churned uses the real machine learning model that transforms your data into actionable retention operations and upsell machines.

Churned team during christmas
Churned team having dinner

Our Values



We are self-driven, opportunistic, and we go all-in.

Happy team


We are positive, energetic and optimistic.

Churned is user centric


We are hyper-focused on our customers’ values.

Churned team has a diverse skillset


We are a diverse team where everybody brings something unique.

Churned team is noble


We are open, honest and do the right things.

Churned is entrepreneurial


We are bold, we invent, and we simplify.

Churned is datadriven


We are analytical, we love data and numbers.

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Churned team

Francisco Blasques

Founder & CDSO

Churned team

Charlotte Blankenberg

Senior Data engineer

Churned team

Lou Bayle

Business Development Intern

Churned team

Kerim Karatas

Data scientist

Churned team

Maarten Doornenbal

Founder & CCO

Churned team

Michiel Doornenbal

Founder & CEO

Churned team

Brendan Jansen

Business development rep

Churned team

Jeroen Schweitzer


Churned team

Martijn Jansen

Full stack developer

Churned team

Markus Ohms

Business Development Intern

Churned team

Declan Cherry

Account Executive

Churned team

Chrétien Minke

Business development

Churned team

Sjoerd van den Beukel

Data scientist

Churned team

Vasco Mota

Data scientist

Churned team

Paulus Bestebroer

BI developer

Churned team

Muus Ebbelaar

Business development intern

Churned team

Marcello de Wit

Data scientist intern