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Founded in 1994, War Child is a non-profit organization that dedicates to supporting children and young people affected by armed conflict and war. They work with partners worldwide to ensure that children could be protected from the aftermaths of wars, and have access to psychological support and education. War Child is present in 14 countries worldwide, and its network consists of three organizations established in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Problem statement

As an NGO, War Child values its donors remarkably. It was crucial to get to know its supporters, especially their individual needs, extensively and thoroughly. War Child wished to stay more connected with its supporters from every segment through various touchpoints throughout the whole journey. The challenge was that War Child could only connect with its donors through email marketing and telemarketing. Moreover, War Child realized that specific donors would stop their monthly contributions if confronted with the pressure of being asked if they would like to donate more. Thus, it was crucial to identify which donors have higher churn risks when faced with such requests. Overall, the objectives of War Child were to identify churn risks, extend knowledge of its supporters and expand opportunities. In this way, children affected by war could be supported by donors as long as possible. The organization hoped to achieve these goals by utilizing AI-drive metrics powered by Churned machine-learning software.

“Reduce subscriber churn and identify segments.”

Retain existing subscribers while attracting new ones
Identify customers with different needs

Our strategy

For the past 18 months, Churned has been working with War Child to reduce churn rates through three stages. First, Churned integrated all the data into one place for War Child to gain better clarity of its donors’ information in one single dashboard. Second, Churned machine learning model segmented supporters based on their sensitivity levels. For example, their responses to different types of information. In this way, War Child was able to tailor the types and the dosage of information so it could send the most relevant information to the target donors. The purpose was to increase satisfaction and decrease churn rates. We are proud to collaborate with War Child by implementing Churned machine learning model that helped improve the organization’s data landscape and donors’ experiences. We hope that in this way, more children can receive stable and long-lasting support.

The results

  • Achieved an accuracy of donors’ churn risks higher than 85% across different segments.
  • Significantly decreased the overall churn rate through improving loyalty programs, increasing campaign effectiveness by more than 25% compared to the control group Identify and compare the effectiveness of targeted campaigns on cross-segment donor groups.
  • Helped War Child attain real-time data insights and in-depth knowledge of its supporters with Churned dashboard that have key indicators such as churn drivers, health scores, and churn risk levels.

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Michiel Doornenbal

Founder & CEO

Our happy clients


Johan Arensman

“Fortunately, our customers are very loyal. Sometimes there is unavoidable churn, but sometimes the reasons are less clear and churn could possibly have been prevented. Churned helps answer this. Thank you for the impressive work. Your results and analysis are the tools to further improve our customer success in the coming year.''


Boris Blijham

''Together with Churned we’ve gained valuable insights into our customers and integrated those into marketing automation which resulted in a lower churn rate and in a higher customer lifetime value."


Pieter Duijs

"Thanks to the product recommendations of Churned, we achieved automated personalization that increased the average order frequency, average order value and more returning customers."

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