Resources to educate yourselves about customer churn

Customer churn is tricky when it comes to accurate results, but it is worth giving priority given the relevancy it has to customer success. As far as we know, many companies still are struggling to predict and prevent churn. That's why we're sharing insights and tips from industry leaders and churn experts through blogs, podcasts, guides. For those interested to learn more about customer churn, increasing retention and other churn-related topics, here are our top 6 (in no particular order) go-to churn resources:

1. Churn FM (Podcast)

One of the first podcasts completely dedicated to customer churn and customer retention with over 100 (+35 minute) episodes. Andrew Michael invites founders and subscription economy experts across different industries to share their experiences and approach to increase retention within their organizations.

Here are a few of our favorite recordings:

  • 117. How sales incentives drive net retention in customer success with guest speakers: Esben Friis-Jensen, co-founder and CEO at Userflow.
  • 114. How to increase customer retention through personalized pricing with guest speaker: Cactus Raazi, author of Price.
  • 108. How to crush churn before it even starts with user testing with guest speaker: Chris Hicken, CEO at ‘nuffsaid.

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2. Towards Data Science (Publication Website)

This one is for the data scientists and SaaS enthusiasts - Towards Data Science is a great medium platform that allows people to exchange ideas, reports and publications such as AI, data analysis and machine learning.

3. Medium (Blog/ Networking Platform)

Medium is the ideal platform to connect, learn and/or share with other professionals in your topic of interest. This digital publishing platform has over 170 million readers that come together with several trusted writers to share ideas with one another - including anything related to customer churn, retention, you name it!

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4. Fruugo - by Tien Tzuo (Book)

This book is considered a ‘must read’ for anyone involved or looking to explore subscription-based businesses. Tzuo shows how beneficial a subscription-based model is for creating strong relationships with customers. He shares full in-depth best practices and supports it with effective Case studies like Netflix, Adobe and Birchbox.

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5. HubSpot (Blog)

The HubSpot Blog is a resource search tool on its own when it comes to customer success content.

When it comes to customer success content, Hubspot Blog is pretty much a library for any churn-related content.

This one is for our NL followers:

6. Enrise (Blog/Webinar)

Sjoerd Santema introduces the basics of subscription-based models, for example, what to do with customer data, suggestive tools and more. Read more here

Don’t forget to catch their latest webinar “The Subscription Economy: Grow To Infinity and Beyond”. In this webinar they dive into the steps of building a subscription-based model with guests from Voetbal International, Philips en

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